Our Past Work

1. Indian Readership Survey (IRS) – from 2003 to 2012:

The universe for IRS has been defined as the total resident urban and rural population of India aged 12 years and over.


  • Continuous fieldwork spread across 10 months of the year with an annual sample size ranging from 1.1 lac in 2003 to 2.56 lacs in 2012. 
  • Sample allocated proportionate to 12 years+ Universe of a geographic unit.
  • All 1 Lakh+ towns are sampled . All publication towns and districts are sampled in the four rounds.
  • Remaining towns and non-publication districts are randomly sampled
  • Rural Sampling: Once a district is selected, 2 Talukas from the district are randomly sampled.

Research Partner:
Hansa Research Group

2. Indian Outdoor Survey - IOS:

IOS was successfully launched in Mumbai and Pune on June 2009. Following were the aims and objectives of launching IOS:

  • To build a common currency for the Indian outdoor media industry.
  • To help the media planners, advertisers and media owners obtain audience reach and frequency for each out of home vehicle, along with the profile of the audience.

Thus help advertisers and media agencies effectively plan their campaigns and ensure they know whether or not their money spent is bringing them good returns.

Research Partner:
Hansa Research Group

3. Indian Listenership Track – ILT:

Private FM radio in India was gaining tremendous popularity by 2006. Radio industry was still at a nascent stage, most metros were only beginning to experience multiple FM radio stations. Radio has reemphasized its presence as a strong medium of advertising since the launch of private FM stations in 2001. It was during this phase that MRUC had launched the Indian Listenership Track (ILT).

Research Partner:
AC Nielsen ORG Marg