Rich History and Heritage

MRUC India was established in the year 1994 and has been conducting research ever since.

The Council has produced many studies and many firsts which won the trust of the industry. The Indian Readership Survey (the world’s largest continuous study and currency for print media), Indian Outdoor Survey (the first ever measurement system on outdoor media), Indian Listenership Track (a day after recall study on radio listenership) are few examples.

MRUC India has enjoyed a legacy in media measurement where no other body or organisation has produced the depth of media studies over a period of two decades in the way MRUC India has, thanks to the many industry leaders, members and users.

MRUC India continues to remain steadfast in its commitment toward the cause of the industry by maintaining, sustaining and propagating the highest levels of integrity and reliability.

The Council was formed by like-minded leaders who came together with a determined objective of establishing an industry body that works toward providing accurate media measurement solutions at pre-defined frequencies.

The formation of MRUC India made its users the owners of information, which meant that users were now fully aware of the research and its reliability.

Ever since its formation, the Council has been following the practice of data scrutiny in many ways.